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About Us

Grasp A Deal is an online retail store, with a personalised experience for our customers. We focus on our clients having a blissful shopping experience by filling in the gap between variety and affordability. 

It is a, one-of-a-kind store, where we touch every aspect of our client’s life in a unique way. From scintillating modern jewellery for occasions, elegant silhouettes for work or celebrations, to home and kitchen products and essential networking accessories, we cater to it all.  

Our USP is to provide good quality products in the best price possible. 

We are curating designs from young and budding new talents from India.

Grasp A Deal is going to be the next big thing when it comes to shopping from a wide and economical range of products, all under one roof. As an addition, for this actively occupied generation, we also stock our racks with the best of the Gifting options. 

We believe in creating a lasting experiences to make our customer's journey delightful.